Terms and Services

A1 Stack LLC has been established to offer SaaS-based technology companies with sourcing, vendor management, utilization, optimization, recommendations, and related services. The company pays attention to the unique need of each client.
We also look after current vendors and handle their accounts on behalf of our consumers. Our staff ensures fast and reliable services, which provide the highest value for the money they spend.
Please read the following terms of service carefully.

1. Authorization of the website

The license to use this website is exclusive for users or visitors. This privilege to use prohibits any use of the site, and its information for marketing purposes, preservation of certain information, or alteration of the site. A1 Stack LLC owns the power to terminate or limit the customer access to the site if it recognizes the unauthorized use of the website by any user.

2. Copyrights rules

A1 Stack is a globally copyright protected company. No user or visitor is allowed to change or misuse any site materials. The unauthorized use of this website is known as a breach of copyright, and the accused visitor or client shall face the temporary suspension or permanent cancellation of access to the website without any intervening time.

3. Children’s access to the website

No underaged visitor will be entertained on our website. We never cautiously request or compile the information of kids. In addition, we absolutely guarantee that this platform doesn’t contain any content of the under-aged.

4. Crime trends or infringement

People who come to the website shall continue to use the service for valid reasons only, and shall do nothing to infringe any other party’s rights to the use of the service. The organization will take disciplinary action against a customer involving an unauthorized operation.

5. Confidentiality

We take care of you and ensure that your sensitive data is optimally secured. In order to provide the related material, enhance our services, and communicate directly to us, we request you to collect or store your information. Our objective is to provide you with the best service practicable. Moreover, we review our website to make sure that your site is protected, with the help of a number of security steps.

6. Mobile compliant

We are dedicated to providing professional services to each of our clients. We make every effort to exceed our customer expectations. Our website is mobile-compliant.

7. Violation of copyrighted works

We value the rights of intellectual property and ask all to discourage violations of our rules. We will have to terminate the profiles of violators after notification of such infringement has been issued.