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The A1 Stack Difference

Why You Need One Command Center For SaaS Management

Before A1 Stack

After A1 Stack

Harnessing The Power Of SaaS Management Intelligence

Shadow IT Discovery

Businesses use 15 times more SaaS applications than required. There are security, cost, and productivity downsides to it. We help you choose the best solutions and enable you to use them to their full potential.

Spend Optimization

Not managing your SaaS environments proactively could result in 30 percent more spending on IT needs. Our expert capabilities deliver deep license savings and spend optimization for your business.

Software Lifecycle Services

Managing SaaS licenses, SLAs, security, cost, and operations is a tedious task that can distract your teams from achieving their core business objectives. We manage your SaaS lifecycle so you can take appropriate action at the right time

Our SaaS Solutions And Services Can Help You With

A1 Stack’s vendor management process is a multi-stage framework of evaluating, negotiating, selecting, onboarding, and developing relationships with IT vendors that can help your business in the fulfillment of its mission.

End-To-End Intelligence

From new app discovery, eliminating shadow IT to monitoring SaaS spending, we provide end-to- end intelligence so you can see the whole picture and make informed decisions about what SaaS tools to use, when to scale the number of users, and what controls to build around them.

SaaS Spend Optimization

SaaS is easy to procure and deploy, but difficult to manage the hidden expenditures when it proliferates. We prevent your SaaS expenses from spinning out of control by reducing SaaS redundancy, acquiring license management, increasing SaaS adoption, and renegotiating contracts.

SaaS Renewal Management

We have vendor management specialists who help you gain complete visibility and control into your organization-wide SaaS vendors. We work on your behalf to understand billing rules, contract terms, and renewal details. Your business gets to keep track of all the contracts and purchases without making any effort. Because we do that for you.

Ensuring Security Compliances

We make your SaaS environment more streamlined, cost-effective, and secure. You stay on top of your SaaS game in terms of managing licenses, agreements, vendor risks, and keeping your corporate data secure while improving productivity, compliance, and savings.

Rightsizing Software Licenses

SaaS license optimization focuses on how users are consuming applications and how it is impacting your tech stack costs. We help you rightsized your software licenses by finding and reclaiming unused licenses, identifying redundant apps, and rightsizing accounts based on license tiers. This drives more value for your business.


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